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Mail Password 6.0

MailPassword allows you to recover lost passwords for POP3 e-mail accounts
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Mail Password is a program designed to recover lost passwords for POP3 e-mail accounts. The program, however, only allows the retrieval of passwords stored on the computer by an e-mail program, and hence, it is not also suitable to recover passwords for web-based e-mail services (such as aol, msn, yahoo, etc.). For this purpose, Mail Password briefly feigns being your e-mail server, captures all requests that it would normally receive, then displays the log in information that the requests contain.

The program offers two recovery modes. The first one is strictly meant for Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Live Mail accounts. The second one is a type of universal recovery, and can be generally used for any POP3 e-mail account. Nevertheless, this second option entails several difficulties, and it is recommendable only if the first mode fails (or, of course, if you are trying to recover your password for a different type of account). The first mode automatically detects the default e-mail service used on the computer and provides the password for it. The universal recovery mode, however, requires you to enter the name of the POP3 server that stores your e-mail.

Ultimately, Mail Password fulfills its purpose well and retrieves e-mail passwords efficiently.

Josephine Seaman
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